Yorkshire Class
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Specs & Schematics

Length: 182m
Beam: 102m
Height: 36m
Deck count: 10
Crew count: 70
Passengers: 450
Top and side view
Civilian variant


Design History

The Yorkshire Class, like the Sydney Class, is one of the smaller transport ships of Starfleet. While passenger ships traveling along the much frequented routes are mostly affiliated to civilian organizations, Starfleet has agreed to provide a number of starships to transfer scientists, miners or settlers to remote outposts. In case of a war these ships can be quickly transformed into troop transports. The design of the Yorkshire is intentionally simple, and the ships are only equipped with basic sensor equipment and armament.



3D model in progress
3D model - in orbit
3D model



Design by Bernd
3D models by Dave-s, Robert Crosswell


Last modified: 28.03.13