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Our Mission

The United Federation of Planets has a variety of more than 30 starship classes in the 24th century. A number of these ship classes have been prominently featured or were at least briefly shown, while the appearances of several other canon ship classes remain unknown. The mission objective of the Advanced Starship Design Bureau (ASDB) is to develop consistent designs for these obscure classes, based on fragmentary specs given in episodes or official books such as the TNG Technical Manual. Unlike previous approaches, the ASDB is not content with kitbashed designs incorporating components of other Federation ships in a more or less bizarre arrangement. This is why the ASDB gathers talented starship designers to develop the technically and aesthetically pleasing designs Starfleet deserves.

Our mascot Wally

There are quite a few websites where fan designs are presented in the same fashion as canon ship types, without a notice and maybe even without the knowledge that some designs are only conjectural. The ASDB group does not claim that the designs proposed on this website are in any way "official"  - we would be happy if they were, though. ;-) Never refer to our designs as being official. They are no more and no less than our best idea of what the actual ships could look like, based on the few available facts. This is also the reason why our ships are not as "cool" as other fan-made stuff with radical hull shapes or megablasterphasers.






Contact Us

If you have comments or ideas, please contact us. We are looking forward to any kind of suggestions, after all this is a joined project. There is no definite "membership" and obligations in the ASDB.

ASDB group:

Name, (URL), e-mail Expertise & assignments
Bernd: Ex Astris Scientia, nx-74205@gmx.net 2D design (Micrografx Designer, Corel Draw etc.), technology, web design, administration
Chris: fabrux@gmx.net 2D design, research, technology, web design, administration
Dan C.: Star Trek Minutiae, minutiaeman@st-minutiae.com  Web design, research, sketches
Dan E.: daniel.ellis@softhome.net 3D design, technology
Dave: davidbarlow-smith@hotmail.co.uk 3D design (3D Studio Max, Truespace 2), 2D design (Photoshop)
Harry: Titan Fleet Yards, harrydoddema@hotmail.com 2D design (Corel Draw, PSP7), sketches, research, web design
J: sf_webj@yahoo.com Web design, administration, sketches, technology
Jack: Ship List, jackbohn@bright.net Research, technology
Jason: Multiverse, ASDBJ@hotmail.com 2D design (Micrografx Picture Publisher 8, PSP 7), sketches, web design, 3D design (3D Studio Max, AutoCAD), research
Jonah: j.rapp@usa.net 2D design, research, technology
Kenny: webmaster@axeman3d.com 3D design (Lightwave), 2D design (Photoshop 5.0, Paint Shop Pro 7), web design, technology
Kris: reverendtrigster@yahoo.com  2D design (Paintshop Pro 7), research (canon), sketches, 3D design (Lightwave)
Mark: mwgeorge@blueyonder.co.uk  3D design (Lightwave 5.6), research, technology
Markus: Science Fiction and Games, markusn@umich.edu Plastic modeling, sketches (including technical drafting), technology, research, 3D design (Radiance, 3D Studio Max, Blender), 2D design (Gimp, Photoshop Modeling)
Mike: yakaspat@alltel.net Sketches, research, technology, administration
Ryan: ryanmcreynolds@yahoo.com Technology, 2D design



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